By Michelle Coull

Studying to further your job prospects is always a gamble.

At the back of your mind there’s that nagging voice, saying “Will this qualification really help my career?”

So I was interested to read this debate on LinkedIn, which asked the question: “Will an MBA help me grow in my career?”

A Masters of Business Administration is an internationally-recognised degree designed to develop the skills required for careers in business and management.

The author of the post, Anup Soans, gives one point of view when he says: “MBAs are literally worthless unless you study full time from a reputed institute.”

But he concludes: “An MBA is like a passport. If it's from a reputed institution, your chances of getting an entry (Visa) is better.”

Beyond that, he claims, it is knowledge, attitude, skills and habits which get you where you want to go.

For the career-driven person, the question of further education can be tough.

Do you invest valuable time in advancing your studies – or would that time be better spent getting experience in the workplace?

There are always those who will tell you they got on fine without qualifications, and that they’re a waste of time. But the fact is, more doors will be opened if you have the education to back up career goals.

Business Performance Expert Oliver Crane says: “Education is NEVER worthless but like anything else in life it is what you make of it. MBAs don't make people successful, they must do that themselves. An MBA used effectively is a massive advantage.”

Employment consultant Susan Brown-Davis adds: It may open doors by sheer letters behind your name but hard work and diligence will open more.”

Solutions architect Tom Jensen makes the point: “My MBA actually taught me things that have rounded out my ability to perform my job….. there were some great classes in marketing and accounting that further helped build for me a sense of those things that make up business. If you think you need some formal education to gain understanding, then go for it. What you gain in real learning is always worth it. What you make of yourself is your ticket to the next job.”

For any qualification it’s always best to do your research and speak to people who have already completed the course, about which institutions are the best places to study, and how to put the education to good use.

Overseas campaign manager John Villamor sums it up perfectly: “Education only allows you to get your foot in a door. The better the school the better the door. What you do when you get in that door is totally up to you.”


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